How Much Does Daily Food Cost In Dubai?

daily food costs
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Daily food costs in Dubai are one of the conditions that bothers the minds of tourists. We are all scared that since Dubai is luxurious, everything will be costly, and we think the daily food costs are high. Have you also felt that it is almost impossible to go there and eat outside, or that you should cut your expenses to a great level to afford food costs in Dubai? Do you know anything about how much does a plate of food cost in Dubai?

Dubai has food, fun activities, and everything for every budget, and you can still eat outside and have fun with a limited budget. Read till the end to know more about the daily food expenses in Dubai or the average food cost in Dubai per day, which will help you in budgeting well.

Daily Food Costs in Dubai

However, it is difficult to give an exact cost of food items in Dubai as you can visit plenty of places, from the top most luxurious places to the modern and normal ones. The main point regarding the eating places in Dubai is that there are places for every budget, and everyone can easily fit in.

The daily food cost in Dubai will depend on where you plan to eat, but on average, a single individual will pay around 50-150 AED.

To elaborate, the cost of eating out in fast-food areas will be around AED 30-50. This is the rate for places such as McDonald’s and KFC.

For casual dining places where you can enjoy Chinese, Arabic, Indian, and Italian dishes, you can expect to pay around AED 70–100 per person.

Street food is always cheaper worldwide, so most travellers who desire to save more choose street food instead.

Regarding street foods, it will cost you way cheaper, such as AED 20-40 per person, which gives you the chance to save even more. By street food, we do not mean low-quality food. The street food in Dubai is also tasty and is served with love, and the food is hygienic.

Remember that the average food expense in Dubai depends on many other factors. Service charges, parking fees, and even tips add to the cost of food in Dubai. If you are looking for a luxurious experience, you should try lotus mega yacht dinner cruise Dubai.

The Cost of Food in Dubai in A Nutshell

food street dubai

Now that you have read about the cost of different places to dine in Dubai, you understand that you can eat well in Dubai on a low budget.

You can expect different ranges from luxurious high five-star restaurants to street vendors and local places.

If you belong to that group of people who desire to rent a house in Dubai and stay in that case, the cost of food can be a bit cheaper for you. Daily food expenses in Dubai can sometimes be high, which will not help you save a bit more for further shopping or sightseeing.

So, following the table below will help you gain insight into the average daily food cost in Dubai, which will help you calculate your one-day food expense in Dubai. We bring the average cost of food in Dubai for you, these are Dubai food cost per day:

Food Item

Cost AED


Burger and fries





Sushi Roll

Margherita Pizza



A bottle of water






Chicken Fillets


White Rice


Based on the amounts we mentioned, you can draw up a budget plan for your trip and calculate your expenses for a five-day Dubai cost or even a seven-day trip to Dubai. It does not matter what meal you opt for; lunch and dinner costs in Dubai can vary again based on the location, the restaurant, and the kind of meal.

Though fast food and street food options are cheaper, we try the restaurants in Dubai to at least get the taste of what it feels like to be in a great city with its best restaurants. Look at the table below to help us understand the cost and differences between fast food and street food for a single person and two. Don’t miss Dubai safari desert barbecue. You can taste delicious food that you have never experienced.

Street Food

Fast Food

For One person, AED 10-20

For One person, AED 250-300
For two persons, AED 15-50

For two persons, AED 500-800

In Dubai, you can enjoy both vegan and non-vegan restaurants and foods, which can also impact the cost of food. Apart from all these, we cannot say that food in Dubai is expensive as plenty of options can help you eliminate the excess cost.

To help you balance your budget and meals, you can enjoy your breakfast on the streets, take your lunch from a small café or food store, and choose a luxury restaurant instead of a restaurant for dinner. This will help you save a lot of money and be able to try all the available options in Dubai.

daily food costs in Dubai

Cheap Places to Eat in Dubai

It is completely wrong to think that Dubai is very expensive and that only the rich can afford it. Instead, you should know that though Dubai is a paradise and a high-class city, it has room for all types of budgets and social classes.

There are plenty of places where you can get cheap food and eat, which will help you cut down on eating charges and spend more on your trips and fun activities in Dubai.

Did you know you can get cheap Thai, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian dishes in Dubai? All you need to do is look on the internet, or you can ask our experts for guidance, and they will lead you the way.

There are plenty of ways to cut down miscellaneous charges and even enjoy your trip to Dubai. All you need to do is contact us now.


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Now that you know how much a plate of food costs in Dubai and how much food costs in Dubai per month for a single person, what do you think? Isn’t it worth it to travel to Dubai and try everything, from street food to fast food, and complete your day with a fancy restaurant dinner?

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