The best roof top swimming pools in Dubai

rooftop swimming pools in Dubai
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In the best rooftop swimming pools in Dubai, you can enjoy the pool and see the beautiful, gigantic city lying under your feet while you are at that great height.

Use these days to enjoy the rooftop swimming pools in Dubai and spend your trip in the way you always dreamed of.

6 Famous Rooftop Swimming Pools in Dubai

Dubai rooftop pool prices may feel expensive, but we are here to guide you through the cost of the rooftop swimming pools in Dubai, along with their location and the things you can do there to make your trip a bit more fun and exciting.

Among the best rooftop swimming pools in Dubai, we mention the famous one, though you can find plenty of rooftop swimming pools there. The most demanded and mostly visited ones are mentioned below, such as:

1- Aura Sky pool

Aura Sky pool

The first and foremost rooftop swimming pool in Dubai is the Aura Sky Pool, which is 50 floors from the ground. Imagine how beautiful Dubai will look from that height.

The famous The Palm in Dubai takes this pool's rooftop. This rooftop swimming pool was initially designed as a wraparound concept and has a 360-degree pool. The Aura rooftop swimming pool has a panoramic view of the beautiful city of Dubai.

You can organize a friend's gathering here and have an unforgettable swim, followed by eating in the chic lounge area of the pool that serves yummy international cuisine. The location of the Aura rooftop swimming pool is around 21 km from the city center.

Grab the chance to visit Aura swimming pool dubai, swim, have delicious food, and create unmissable memories while in Dubai.



Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Tower - 50th Floor - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


every day from 6 AM–11 PM

2- Cloud 22, Atlantis the Royal

Cloud 22, Atlantis the Royal

The second best rooftop swimming pool in Dubai is Atlantis the Royal. It is also known as an infinity rooftop swimming pool and is considered Dubai's most sought-after place for fun and chill.

The Atlantis Royal is a 90-metre infinity pool that has broken the fire and water fountain record. It has around 17 world-class dining areas where you will be served the most delicious dishes.

The pool is a floating rooftop swimming pool that has a swim bar, cabanas, and sun loungers where you can add more spice and fun to your trip to this rooftop swimming pool.

Remember the lotus-shaped bar here. The Atlantis Royal is more than just a rooftop swimming pool in Dubai. It is all we need while on a trip: to relax and have fun.

Now you can understand how significant this pool is. So hurry and arrange your trip to Dubai to avoid missing this excellent rooftop swimming pool. You can also check atlantis aqua park tickets.


Atlantis The Royal - Crescent Rd - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 10 AM–7 PM

3- Address Sky View Pool

Address Sky View Pool

Another excellent rooftop pool you can enjoy is the pool that belongs to the address hotel. The pool is located in the center of Dubai, a well-air-conditioned place with many rooms and free Wi-Fi. The pool of this hotel is located on the 54th floor and has all the best high-class amenities you require.

The address sky view pool welcomes all, provided you make prior bookings to enjoy more while here with your family and friends.

The cost of the pool starts from Dh250, but if you need to know the exact cost per individual, you can enquire from our experts, who will guide you further. This is the perfect spot to enjoy your trip and day in Dubai and get sun-kissed near the pool.


 Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 9 AM–7 PM

4- Tasca


Another of the best rooftop swimming pools in Dubai is the Tasca. This pool is at the well-known Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah and has a mesmerizing infinity pool on the rooftop.

You need to pay around Dhs1000 for entry to get a sun lounger, drinks, and all the high-class amenities, among many Portuguese drinks. The place is open from Monday to Sunday, and you can enjoy three yummy main courses. It is going to be the best time of your life here.


Jumeirah Beach Rd - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 12:30–11 PM

5- Zeta Seventy-Seven

Zeta Seventy-Seven

You can find this great rooftop pool in Dubai adjacent to one of the best and tallest pools in the city. This great rooftop pool is almost 300 meters above sea level, and since its existence, it has never failed to welcome and surprise visitors with its arms open.

Zeta seventy-seven has the potential to give rooms to many visitors in its spectacular area, which is an open-air terrace. You will surely experience the world's best feeling in this excellent rooftop pool in Dubai with its splendid view of the entire city in front of you.

You can enjoy dining and having tasty Asian dishes and other seafood. If you are not a fan of seafood, feel free; there are plenty of other perfect options to try. The Zeta seventy-seven rooftop pool welcomes you with its sparkling vibes and views. Grab the opportunity to visit this rooftop pool while you are in Dubai.


Al Mamsha St - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 12 PM–2 AM

6- Ce LA VI Rooftop Pool in Dubai

Ce LA VI Rooftop Pool in Dubai

Lastly, we have the perfect location in Dubai, where you can enjoy a scenic view, unique dishes, and fun with your choice of drink. You can also get tanned and, why not, even get sun-kissed. The place is the CE LA VI rooftop pool in Dubai.

The pool is located at the center of two tall towers that join each other in downtown Dubai. You will get the best vistas only here in CE LA VI. Grab the chance, book your ticket to this heavenly site, and enjoy your trip to its every bit with your family or friends while you are in Dubai. Choosing CE LA VI means choosing luxury, fun, and excitement simultaneously.


Tower 2 - Level 54, Address Sky View Hotel - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 12 PM–3 AM

The best Trip to Dubai with us

Dubai is a paradise, and you can still enjoy this heavenly city in different seasons, but summers are more pleasant as the best rooftop pools in Dubai are heart-warming. You will surely fall in love with Dubai and its rooftop pools whenever you go there. So this time, make sure you go to Dubai and visit the rooftop pools with your family and friends and have the world's best feeling and experience from Dubai.

If you have any further questions or queries, you can contact our experts and our experts will lead you throughout the journey till you get the answer to all your questions. To get more details about dubai activities prices, leave a comment for us.

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