Dubai Attractions For Kids 2024

Dubai Attractions For Kids
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Did you know there are plenty of great sites for kids in Dubai where you can take them and enjoy seeing them playing and having the best time of their lives? Dubai is a paradise with places perfect for every age group. You can find kid-friendly places to visit and even go on family activities to add more fun and joy to your trip there. So, what are these great places?

Where can we find Dubai attractions for kids to visit while we are on a trip to Dubai? Read until the end carefully, and you will see that Dubai has much more to offer than we think. If you need further help and guidance, contact our experts, who will highlight more. Be in touch with our experts to get information about dubai attraction prices.

Top 11 Dubai Attractions for Kids

Kids may not enjoy shopping or going to restaurants or cafés like adults, which is a common issue. This is why there are kid-friendly places to visit in Dubai, which allows them to enjoy the right place they love to be. Some Dubai attractions for kids you can take your kids to are mentioned below.

1- Dolphin Bay Adventure 

Dolphin Bay Adventure dubai

Kids love this place, and more than kids, their parents tend to enjoy the Dolphin Bay adventure. Dolphins are known to be great animals that are very cute and highly friendly. If you want to go to this site and allow your kids to enjoy it, you must fetch tickets and go there to enjoy it fully.

The experience of being around dolphins is exceptional and filled with fun and thrill. On this great site, you will be able to see different dolphins and seal series that captivate the eyes of the visitors. The site is a mixture of adventure, amusement, and aquatic adventure.

It is the perfect place for kids while you are in Dubai, and they are going to love it. Kids here can even swim with dolphins and enjoy meeting and greeting them, which is done with the help and guidance of the experts there. Try it, and you will always be happy choosing Dolphin Bay Adventure in Dubai.

2- Garden Glow, Dubai

Garden Glow Dubai

Another excellent site for kids in Dubai is the Garden Glow Dubai. It is a well-known tourist attraction that visitors love to visit and witness the mesmerizing Zabeel Park.

In this place, you can see worthy features such as artistic lights installed perfectly and live performances that grab the visitors' attention. You can even enjoy the performances of local and international artists in this place and complete your trip to the Garden Glow, Dubai with a positive vibe.

Kids love this place because they see shows and parades, visit the Dino Museum, and even play and have a gala in the children's playground. Seeing the aquatic world and the mushroom forest is the next best thing for kids to witness in this unique site.

3- Children's City

Children's City dubai

Dubai-based Children's City is the first and biggest educational place in the Dubai devoted to children between two and fifteen years old where they can explore, play, discover, and learn about the real world. It contains several exhibits and shows like a nature center, space, human body, planetarium, the way we live and international culture as well as toddlers’ area.

4- Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

If Dubai is heaven on earth, this place has no words, as it is a true heaven. With more than 150 million different flowers, the place is decorated and designed in such a way that it will leave your mouth open.

The miracle garden is jaw-dropping, and people, big or small, fall in love with this eye-catching place in Dubai. Kids love to see different shapes and designs made using flowers and are surprised. In 2013, this great site was considered the world's best and largest vertical garden, making it a great tourist destination. Visit Dubai Miracle Garden with your kids, capture family pictures, and cherish these happy moments forever.

5- Ski Dubai 

Ski Dubai

Enjoy snow and meet penguins even in a country that does not have these opportunities regarding its weather conditions. In Dubai, you can take your kids to ski and witness their happiness and laughter. In Ski Dubai, you can see penguins, allow your kids to play and learn how to ski, and even capture pictures with these funny penguins you may not find in many places. museum of the future is one of the activities that is suitable for your children.

Dubai is a magical site that has everything to surprise and delight visitors. It is well-known for being the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, which is located in the Dubai Mall.

This allows you to allow your kids to play on the ski site, and you can go shopping or grab a coffee or tea with your dear ones. In Dubai skis, you can find more than 6000 tons of snow, which is natural and fresh. Your kids can either learn basic skiing or, if they are familiar with this sport, they can fly off the ramp with the help of the experts there. 

The best thing about this place is witnessing the march of the penguins; it happens many times and is a free show. You and your kids are going to love this place the most.

6-  LEGOLAND in Dubai


Another Dubai attraction for kids is visiting LEGOLAND Dubai, which kids love the most. It is the perfect place for a theme park for children, and you can go with your kids here and enjoy your trip. 

LEGOLAND is so big and detailed that one day is not enough to see every corner of this place, and one day seems too little. It has more than 40 dynamic and recreational attractions that you can visit and participate in its different activities in Dubai.

With many rides, two roller coasters, and one water ride, LEGOLAND has topped the list of the favorite sites for kids in Dubai.

LEGOLAND welcomes all to it, and you can see thousands of tourists and natives visiting this mesmerizing location annually, seeing their children play, and having the best time ever. Would you like to see your kids enjoying themselves while you are in Dubai? Then it would be best if you took them to the LEGOLAND.

7- OliOli in Dubai

OliOli in Dubai

Another perfect destination for kids in Dubai is the well-known OliOli. It is described as a world-class, fantastic museum for children. The word OliOli comes from a Hawaiian word meaning joy.

The site we are discussing has almost 45 interactive exhibits and eight beautiful galleries that melt hearts. You will fall in love with OliOli in Dubai, as the place is designed fantastically. It was mainly inspired by artists, psychologists, educators, and experts from more than 12 countries, which is why OliOli is one of its kind in its categories.

Your children will be encouraged and engaged in open-ended plays and learn to take risks in the OliOli museum. It is a perfect place to learn more out of curiosity and simultaneously learn. So do not hesitate to bring your kids to OliOli once you are in Dubai.

8- IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure

A wonderful day at IMG Worlds of Adventure, one of Dubai's interesting park. there are 28 football fields worth of space filled with attractions for the whole children to try. The kids have enjoyed with its brilliant rides.


9- Play DXB

Play DXB dubai

try and survive a zombie attack at The VR game, or navigate a spaceship to safety. Younger children and families also have plenty of things to enjoy.


10- KidZania

KidZania dubai

In this place watch the kids play grown-up, taking on jobs that range from firefighters, chefs and doctors to radio jockeys, pilots or even perfumers creating their jobs.  The KidZania Space Centre is another important place for kids.

11- Wild Wadi Water Park

wild wadi dubai

The Wild Wadi water park is another great attraction for kids in Dubai. Kids love water, slides, and pools, so it can be the perfect place to enjoy themselves.

Wild Wadi has almost 30 rides and beautiful attractions that add more to this place's fame, which is why numerous visitors visit this site. It has the largest wave pool in the Middle East and provides visitors with over 100 enticing activities that increase the adrenaline and bring joy and happiness.

If you are staying in downtown Dubai, this place is only 20 minutes away. Go ahead and take your kids to Wild Wadi and see how happy they get.

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Dubai has so many great places ideal for family activities, so there is no need to think about where you should take your kids to enjoy once you are there. Dubai's kid-friendly activities have made traveling more accessible for parents, and kid-friendly places to visit in Dubai have never let anyone down.

This is why we entirely agree that States Dubai is a paradise for all, regardless of age and gender.

If you have further queries about lotus mega yacht dinner cruise dubai which is a family-friend activity, contact us; our experts will do everything to guide you. We wish you a safe and memorable trip to Dubai.

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