Getting to know the restrictions of Ramadan in Dubai

Restrictions Of Ramadan In Dubai
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Dubai is a heavenly place that tourists love to visit during different times of the year. The beauty of Dubai does not stop people from seeing it, even in the strict months of the holy Ramadan. Ramadan rules are the same in all Islamic countries, and as it is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Dubai shines even brighter with its culture and community.
The rules may or may not be the same in all Islamic countries, as some may be strict, and others may not. So, if you desire to visit Dubai during Ramadan, let us read all you need to know that will help you understand the restrictions of Ramadan in Dubai.

Ramadan during Dubai

If you are from an Islamic country, or you have Muslim friends or neighbours around you, you know that during this month, Muslims do not eat or drink anything, starting from the sunrise prayer right up to the sunset prayer. As it is the holiest month of the year, Muslims focus and try to work on making their beliefs stronger and practising Siam, which is known as fasting.
The best thing about the holy month of Ramadan is that after the duration is over, Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr grandly.

During this time, Dubai lights and shines bright with its festive galore. So visiting Dubai during this festival and witnessing the grand celebrations there is a good idea.
There needs to be clarity about tourists visiting Dubai during this period.
During Ramadan, Dubai is beautiful, but you may notice that only some restaurants will be open to serve you. Before visiting the dining places, you can check the opening times and dine with your friends and family. dubai city tour bus is among the activities you can visit in Dubai.

Though Dubai is a heaven on earth, and you can see amazing people out there, it is better not to offer anyone eatables during Ramadan as it can be considered as breaking the law and disrespecting them.
Apart from the food, alcoholic beverages will not be served everywhere, and you will only get drinks in some areas.
Ramadan does not mean there is nothing to do in Dubai or the attraction sites are closed during this period. During Ramadan, you can still enjoy going to the water parks, parks, museums, visit the Dubai Frame, and a lot more.

The only thing you will notice happening during Ramadan in Dubai is the slight changes in the timings to accommodate the fasting people. Live shows and music still occur in Dubai during Ramadan but in closed atmospheres such as cafés and restaurants.
Ramadan in Dubai is more than just fasting. Plenty of people are fasting, and it is pleasant to see how they try hard to strengthen their beliefs and show their respect and worship towards God and religion.

It is a festival that brings a new world, and its night markets, festive stalls, tents, and even the experiences of visiting mosques during Ramadan in Dubai are magnificent.
While you are in Dubai during Ramadan, go ahead and visit the Ramadan markets in Dubai, such as the following:

• Make sure to visit the Ramadan night market in the Dubai World Trade Center.
• The Mall of the Emirates and museums such as museum of the future is exceptional during Ramadan.
• Visit the expo city Ramadan night market.
• Lastly, remember to visit the Blue Waters Island night market.

Tourists should have a basic understanding of the seriousness of this month in Dubai and know how to behave appropriately in Ramadan while you are in Dubai. Dubai is home to a vast number of expats along with residents that not all are Muslim, but during Ramadan, they all respect each other and each other's religion.

dubai restrictions during ramadan:

Dubai retriction During ramadan

it's important to be mindful about dubai ramadan rules for tourists:

  • Being mindful of your behavior in public. Refrain from loud or aggressive actions, and keep music volume low
  • Avoiding eating, drinking, and smoking in public areas during fasting hours. This includes chewing gum.
  • what to wear in dubai during ramadan? Comply dress code. This is a general expectation in many countries, and especially during Ramadan, showing sensitivity to the significance of the holy month.
  • Avoiding profanity. This is always significant, but especially so during Ramadan when heightened spiritual awareness is observed.
  • Graciously accepting gifts or invitations to Iftar. You may politely decline if you choose, but do so with respect.
  • participate in fostering a respectful environment by following the Ramadan guidelines.
  • Be aware of the reduced working hours during Ramadan for both private and public sector employees.
  • Due to high demand during Ramadan, securing reservations for your Iftar and Suhoor meals is highly offered.
  • before photographing people, get permission or to avoid any potential offense.
  • it's best to refrain from public displays of affection like hugging and kissing in public spaces.

What are changes during Ramadan?

Dubai Restrictions Of Ramadan

About Work:

• Working hours are reduced by two hours in a day for everyone, regardless of religion.

About Restaurants:

• May be this is your question what is closed during ramadan in dubai? Most restaurants are not open during the day and open after evening prayers.
• Some stay open for takeaway and delivery, or with curtained-off dining areas.
• Book tables in advance for evenings, as restaurants are busy in afternoon.

About Shopping:

• Supermarkets and shops work as usual.
• Malls stay open late.
About Parking:
• Paid parking hours change - check meters or contact local government transport entities for details.

About Driving:

• Be aware that fasting drivers might be tired.
• For your own safety, get enough sleep, avoid last-minute rushes, and allow extra time for your journey.
About Taxis:
• Booking a taxi in advance is offered, as finding one might be difficult in the evenings.

Nightlife in Dubai during Ramadan

Restrictions Of Ramadan

Nights in Dubai during Ramadan are considerably quiet.
Apart from the usual nights and attractions, along with the sights worth visiting in Dubai during Ramadan, you can still tour different parts of Dubai and end your trip in Dubai with positive vibes and energy.
While in Dubai during Ramadan, you can enjoy a variety of options for your trip, especially iftar. As a tourist, you can enjoy the heritage safari, celebrate Ramadan, and indulge in tasting the yummy Arabic dishes.
As tourists, The most frequent question is that can you drink in dubai during ramadan? It would be best to avoid eating or drinking outside or offering eatables to those fasting. Apart from these, there are more such restrictions that you are bound to obey.
On the other hand, you can even participate in the particular programs of Ramadan in Dubai and see how people participate in all these with a unique kind of enthusiasm.
Remember to visit the Dubai fountain and see the unique shows presented to all during Ramadan.

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So, will you plan your trip during Ramadan and enjoy Dubai's beauty and the festive yet religious feel in Dubai? Then, go ahead and plan your trip accordingly. Further, if you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact our experts at dubai activities offers and our experts will elaborate in further detail and answer any questions you have regarding getting to know the restrictions of Ramadan in Dubai.


Don’t wear anything skimpy, no plunging necklines, thigh-grazing shorts, mini-skirts, or tank tops during Ramadan.

Muslims are need to avoid from eating, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunset. For tourists, it’s better to not smoke in public.

Some centres are open, and some centres may change their working hours.

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