What Are The Smoking Rules In Dubai?

smoking rules in Dubai
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Do you have any information about smoking rules in Dubai? you should know that there are certain smoking rules in Dubai that everyone needs to follow. Dubai, like many other places, has cracked down on smoking in recent years to protect public health. So you can avoid any fines or social faux pas while enjoying your time in this exciting city.  Smoking rules in UAE might be strict to some, but all the tourists should follow this regulation.

Cigarette rules in Dubai

The most frequent question is that is it allowed to smoke in Dubai? As a smoker, you should be well aware of the laws and etiquette in Dubai. It is also a good idea to be mindful of the laws of the destination you plan to visit before booking your tickets there. You should be well-informed about smoking laws in Dubai, as breaking any rule can have consequences.

There are no rules in regard to the age of the individual who is smoking, but based on Federal Law, tobacco should not be purchased and used by individuals who are below the age of 18. Using regular cigarettes, vaping, and other available tobacco products is illegal in Dubai, but you can use them in the areas that permit smoking. You may be fined if you smoke outside in the prohibited areas.

You are not allowed to smoke openly in areas such as government buildings, malls, schools and offices, public parks, and shops. If, by chance, you are found breaking the law, you will be charged 500 AED, which is around $136 based on the norms. On the other hand, when we inquire about smoking rules in Dubai, we also ask whether females can smoke there or whether there are any cigarette rules.

As we read earlier about tobacco rules in Dubai, we understood that if you are below the age of 18, you are not allowed to use or even purchase tobacco. Getting to whether one can females smoke in Dubai or not, we have to say that Dubai has banned the use of cigarettes, shisha, and hookah for pregnant women in cafés and shisha bars. But the rest who are not pregnant can smoke freely, provided they do so in smoke-free areas that are not prohibited by the law. The restrictions for both men and women are in and around public places, malls, and others that must be obeyed. Check wild wadi water park tickets in our site.

What are the Dubai Laws for Smoking ?

Tobacco Purchase in dubai

The government of Dubai tries its best to make Dubai a model city and has been successful so far. It has done plenty to improve healthcare for all its citizens. Regarding smoking regulation Dubai, Dubai is constantly optimizing the promotion of better living and healthier citizens.  Dubai smoking rules are so strict that you are not even allowed to smoke in your private car if you have your child with you in the car.

You may think that since beaches are open public areas, smoking there is fine, but you are highly mistaken. You will be fined and penalized if you are found smoking in public places, including beaches. So make sure you respect Dubai’s norms while travelling there to avoid getting in trouble later.

  • Sale of tobacco or shisha to a person under the age of 18 (Fine charges – DH 500 to DH 10,000)
  • Smoking of tobacco in a car while a child under 12 is present (Fine charges – DH 500)
  • Smoking in closed public spaces, parks, beaches, buses, metro stations and residential areas
  • Smoking shisha at places other than licensed parlours
  • Bans on tobacco-related products
  • E-cigarettes and vaping are banned in Dubai. Your products will most likely be confiscated at the airport soon after your arrival.

When and Where to NOT Smoke in Dubai?

  • Malls, residential areas and other public facilities
  • Smoking is also prohibited in public spaces like malls, houses of worship, educational institutions (schools and universities) and health and sports facilities.
  • Also, you won’t find licensed smoking places anywhere within a 150-meter radius of residential areas. It is illegal for proprietors to do so. 

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Tobacco Purchase

smoking laws and rules

In Dubai, you can still purchase tobacco at supermarkets and small stores. You may even see tobacco outlets in the airport, which is not unusual. You can even buy cigarettes from the duty-free area of the airport. But make sure you smoke in the areas that are not prohibited.

If you desire to smoke in public, you can visit the areas that allow public shisha smoking, such as Shimmers, a beachside location where you will be served shisha, or Shades, a rooftop shisha parlour.

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So, the next time you plan to go on a trip to Dubai, and you desire to smoke, make sure you are well aware of the smoking rules in Dubai, prevent from smoking in public areas that are prohibited and visit the places where there will not be any problem if you smoke.

So, if you wish to have a safe and trouble-free trip to Dubai, you need to know the smoking rules. Read until the end carefully, and if you still have additional questions regarding the UAE smoking laws, get in touch with our experts. Our experts will give you a detailed explanation.

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