The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan

dubai entertainement ramadan
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Dubai has enough to showcase and surprise you with its mesmerizing architecture, great visiting sites, and wonderful restaurants and cafés. The majority are worried about planning their visit to Dubai during Ramadan, but all these worries and concerns are nothing serious.  

While traveling to Dubai during Ramadan, you should know that there is nothing to worry about; you can still visit The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan, enjoy the scenic views. If you travel to Dubai during Ramadan, you will see that Ramadan experiences in Dubai are worth every penny you spend to be here.

Suppose you are thinking about going to the bars and enjoying hard drinks every day or taking your drinks out in the open to enjoy. In that case, we should tell you that though Dubai has no restrictions and strict rules for visitors during Ramadan, you can't simply take your alcoholic beverages out in the outdoors and enjoy.

After all, it's an Islamic country, and we, as tourists, are considered to be guests there. So, it would be best to obey and respect their small yet important rules in Dubai during this holy month. So, let's see the entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan and see what we can do during the Ramadan festival to make our trip memorable.

5 of the best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan

Being an Islamic site, Dubai has always succeeded in welcoming tourists and visitors worldwide, no matter the time of the year. Even during Ramadan, a holy month during which people fast, you can visit Dubai and still enjoy yourself and visit all the entertainment sites.

When it comes to eating spots such as restaurants and cafés, you will not be able to eat and drink in their outdoor lounges. You will be served only indoors in the restaurants, which is not a big deal as we can do that small part to show we respect all religions and their beliefs, even if we are not Muslims.

So, this is the only restriction for restaurants and cafés. You will be served food any time of the day you visit the restaurants, and you need not wait for the fasting to break to be able to eat outside. You can visit all the entertainment sites in Dubai and enjoy your trip there. The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan are:


1- Wild Wadi Water Park

The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan, wild wadi

You can take your kids or family members to the Wild Wadi water park while you are in Dubai during Ramadan and still enjoy it to the fullest. It is an outdoor water park that welcomes all to it in the Jumeirah area, which is close to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park is open even during Ramadan in Dubai, and you will see this park closed only during maintenance. You can buy wild wadi water park tickets with discount from our company.


Jumeirah, St - opp. Burj Al Arab - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from, 10 AM–6 PM

2- The Atlantis Aquaventure

The Atlantis Aquaventure dubai

One of the best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan is atlantis water park dubai. You will be joyful to book your entire day here with your family, but you still need more time to enjoy yourself. Entry to this water park is guaranteed even during the holy month of Ramadan. Keep in mind that, be it during or after Ramadan, this water park does not include food and drinks in its packages.

So you need to carry them with you while you are there, but make sure you do not throw the packets here and there to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the area. Now, you can enjoy one of the biggest water parks in Dubai, which was considered to be the best water park in the Middle East in 2015.


Atlantis The Palm - Crescent Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day except Saturday,  from 9:45 AM–6 PM

3- Dubai Global villag

Dubai Global villag

This is one of the best places in Dubai, and there are no restrictions during Ramadan. The Dubai Global Village is open throughout the year, even during Ramadan, and it allows all its visitors to access this park and enjoy their day with their near and dear ones.

Another great news regarding Global Village is that it hosts new Ramadan wonders and eye-catching Emirati markets where you can get anything. If you are here during Ramadan, you can also enjoy bites for iftar or suhour. You can also see iftar and suhour of other nationalities. To get details about Global village ticket price, call our experts.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Sunday to Tuesday from 4 PM–12 AM

Wednesday to Saturday from 6 PM–2 AM

4- Museum of the Future 

Museum of the Future dubai

Museum of the Future is among The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan. This museum will take you to the future, and while you are there, you will be lost completely. This particular museum welcomes everyone, regardless of age, gender, or nationality, to see, touch, and feel the future that is going to come for all of us and see how it will be shaped.

During Ramadan, the Museum of the Future holds many majlis or events for all. You can go there and see future innovation enabled by Islamic principles, sustainability and stewardship in the Muslim world, and social responsibility and technological advancement. Isn't it great? Make sure you visit this great museum during Ramadan and enjoy all the events hosted there. You will never regret doing so.


 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from Saturday, 9:30 AM–8:30 PM

5- Desert Safari 

Desert Safari dubai

Another The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan is going on safari. If you are looking forward to belly dancers or minibars, then you should know that these activities are not available during Ramadan. On the other hand, though drinks are not served there, you can carry them and have them while on a desert safari in Dubai. 

Apart from all these, Dubai Safari provides a range of great activities for visitors, like dune bashing, sandboarding, and even camel riding. After all, safari and desert are all about riding a camel, walking on the sands barefoot, and enjoying the cool breeze on your skin. To get more information desert dubai tickets, check our site.

The bar is closed during Ramadan, but you can bring your favourite drink with yourself.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day except Sunday from 9 AM–6 PM

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Our company offers the best dubai activities package and The best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan. Apart from all these, other parks and even the Dubai Frame, which we all have seen in images so far and dream of visiting, plus the Top Burj Khalifa and other attractions, are open as usual in Dubai, even during Ramadan. So, if you have further questions regarding the best entertainment in Dubai during Ramadan or you desire to know more details about the timings of certain attractions during Ramadan, contact our experts, and we will guide you further

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