The Best Places For Breakfast In Dubai

the places for breakfast in dubai
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Dubai's culinary scene is as breathtaking and diverse as its cityscape. But where is better to start your day with a delicious and memorable breakfast? Dubai always has something to seduce your taste Whether you crave a classic eggscape, a healthy açai bowl, or a taste of global flavours. From trendy cafés with artistically plated dishes to beachside havens with stunning views, this guide will unveil the best places to fuel up for a day of exploring the interesting city of Dubai. Be with us to introduce you the places for breakfast in dubai.

7 of The Places for Breakfast in Dubai

In Dubai, you can find many places to have yummy, affordable, and healthy breakfasts. So, all you need to do is read until the end carefully, and if you have any questions regarding the timings, costs, and locations of the best places for breakfast in Dubai, then contact our experts. It does not matter if you want dainty toast, French breakfast, or anything you like; you can find it in Dubai restaurants as breakfast.

Some of the worthy ones are:

1- 21 Grams

21 Grams dubai

With the best seasonal ingredients, 21 grams serve the best breakfasts in Dubai. You can find tummy breakfast with family recipes from local farmers. While you are here, you are sure to order the creamy polenta or even the special omelet butter roll.

You will be shocked to see the variety of breakfasts here, which is the reason behind its fame and the huge crowd that you will encounter. So plan and ensure you visit the 21-gram for the yummiest breakfast in your life in Dubai.



Meyan Mall - Floor 2 - Al Thanya St - Umm Suqeim 2 - United Arab Emirates


Monday to Wednesday from 8 AM–5 PM

Thursday to sunday from  8 AM–11 PM


AMMOS dubai

One of the places for breakfast in Dubai with a fantastic view is the AMMOS, a JBR-based Greek restaurant that offers plenty of awesome meals, such as luscious eggs royal, Mediterranean eggs, and the well-known AMMOS eggs.

Greek breakfast is not complete without eating feta tyro pita, tasty orange pie, or other add-ons. You will fall in love with breakfast even more after eating breakfast in Dubai.


Rixos Premium Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 9 AM–11 PM

3- Arabian Tea House Cafe

Arabian Tea House Cafe dubai

Another great place to get the best breakfast in Dubai with a view is the Arabian Tea House Cafe. This café is known to be the best. It has a vast courtyard and many seating areas where you can sit and have the best breakfast in Dubai, with a view that will make your day memorable.

Many locals and tourists will enjoy their breakfast in the same place. Remember to taste this café's most favorite and well-known Emirati breakfast, and you will see what heavenly taste is all about. After having breakfast in such a beautiful place, experiencing Dubai safari park is a good option.


Bastakiya Opposite Musalla Post Office - Al Fahidi St - Bur Dubai - Al Fahidi - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Tuesday to Thursday from 7 AM–11 PM

Saturday to Monday from 8 AM–12 AM

4- Bageri Form

Bageri Form dubai

The other best places for breakfast in downtown dubai is Bageri from. This place has an artisan bakery where you can enjoy heavenly fresh-baked cakes and pastries with breakfast. The breakfast menu offers plenty of options with unique add-ons such as honey, cream on brioche, pizza tartine, and much more to make your breakfast taste better.

You can also choose baked egg buns, a classical breakfast, or a creamy omelet. You are going to love every place you visit in Dubai for breakfast. Lastly, this bakery serves traditional Scandinavian baking, which is loved by both locals and visitors. It features a selection of fresh-baked bread. Ensure to taste this traditional dish; you will never regret doing so while in Dubai.


Building 4 - Dubai Design District - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 10 AM–1 AM

5- Bebek

Bebek dubai

This restaurant is located in Dubai in the heart of the beautiful Jumeirah Three. You will get the most delicious Turkish breakfast served with love in this place. It is a fantastic family spot where you can enjoy the best meal in Dubai with your family members.

The breakfast will be served on a wooden tray along with sucuk, halloumi, padron pepper, and red sauce. You can decide whether to add these things to your breakfast. If you choose Bebek, try its menemen, a famous Turkish dish served here.


Villa 531 Jumeirah Beach Rd - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 12 PM–5 AM

6- Bounty Beets

Bounty Beets dubai

You will get the most colourful, yummy, and best breakfast here at Bounty Beets. It serves breakfast every day, and you can go to this restaurant on the weekends to taste Bounty Beets.

Enjoy the breakfasts and the tasty natural juices. The Bounty Beets is also well known for its perfect tea and coffee. So you can enjoy your daily dose of tea and coffee here with your dear ones after breakfast. After losing energy in atlantis water park dubai, having breakfast in Bounty Beets is a great idea.


Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 8 AM–7 PM

7- Café Nikki

Café Nikki dubai

One of the nice places for breakfast dubai is Nikki. Lastly, we have Café Nikki, where you can enjoy breakfast in Dubai. There are plenty of yummy options here to choose your desired breakfast. Café Nikki is considered to be a chic and classy place to have breakfast.  Go ahead and choose this restaurant for your breakfast in Dubai.

You can have the best breakfast in Dubai Mall and even find affordable breakfast in Dubai. Though it is a luxury place to travel and shop, you can find everything here, from the most expensive restaurants to affordable breakfast in Dubai.


Nikki Beach Dubai, Pearl - Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Every day from 11 AM–8 PM

Having a nice journey with us

Now you are familiar the best restaurants for breakfast in dubai. If you want to know more about the cost of each restaurant and dubai attractions tickets, feel free to contact and our experts will help you.

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