6 Wonderful Water Parks in Dubai that You Must Know

4 Wonderful Water Parks in Dubai
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Wonderful waterparks in Dubai are sure and safe to entertain kids, adults and people with different ages. Wonderful water parks in Dubai are now considered the most famous and loved destinations by natives and tourists. But are you aware of the six wonderful water parks in Dubai? Stay tuned and read till the end, till we detail the water parks more.

On the other hand, Dubai is a land that provides visitors with a great chance to relax and get cut off from the world once they are in the water parks. The place will only give you peace, enjoyment, and fun, which we all long for. Families, couples, and even children love the wonderful water parks in Dubai.

6 Wonderful Water Parks in Dubai

Dubai has been attracting tourists for years as a great site that transformed itself from dust and sand to dreamland. Going to Dubai is a dream for all, and those who have gone to Dubai once are not quenched and desire to go back to Dubai over again.

On the other hand, water parks play a significant role in tourist attraction, but are we all aware of these wonderful water parks in Dubai?

1. The Atlantis Water Park Dubai

The Atlantis Water Park in Dubai

Water parks in Dubai are a separate world that is more of a paradise. Atlantis Water Park Dubai is the best water park that you must visit at least once.  The biggest Atlantis water park in Dubai is where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family. This waterpark offers fantastic rides, a 1 km private beach, and Dolphin Bay. Atlantis Adventure Waterpark is known for being the biggest marine habitat in the world, with more than 60,000 marine animals in it. 

Time: from 9:15 to 6:00 pm.

Address: Atlantis The Palm—Crescent Rd—Dubai—United Arab Emirates

2. The wild Wadi Water Park 

The wild Wadi Water Park  in Dubai

Among the outdoor water parks, Wild Wadi has gained a unique kind of attention as it is located in Jumeirah, close to the Burj Al Arab. The Wild Wadi water park is known to be the only Arabian-themed water park in Dubai. Once you are in this water park, you will see that the entire park is designed amazingly based on the Juha, a great Arabian folklore character from the tale.

In this water park, you can find three fabulous swimming pools and 17 fun rides to increase the adrenaline and bring joy to your Dubai trip. You will notice a considerable waterfall that will go off every ten minutes in the water park. The best part about this great site is that there are two gift shops there, so if you have missed buying souvenirs for your dear ones back home, you can grab anything you like from these gift shops.

 The Wild Wadi water park tickets vary. 

Time: Every day from 10 AM–6 PM

Address: Jumeirah St—opp. Burj Al Arab—Umm Suqeim—Umm Suqeim 3—Dubai—United Arab Emirates.

3. Legoland Water Park 

LEGOLAND Water Park in Dubai

Among the best water parks in Dubai, we should never forget Legoland Water park, which is for kids. There is no harm in having a kid's water park, as you can allow your kids to enjoy and have fun in it while you are in Dubai.
It is known to be the only water park in Dubai designed mainly for kids between the ages of 2 and 12 and their families.
Your kids can enjoy the Joker soaker, the rafts, and even the splash safari, adding more joy to their day while in the Legoland water park.
It has plenty of kid-friendly attractions that will help make your kid's day a good one. You can even book a hotel at the newly opened Legoland hotel.

Time: Every day from 10 AM–6 PM

Address: Emirates, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Expressway (E11), opposite Jebel Ali area


4. Aqua Parks Leisure in Dubai

Aqua Parks Leisure in Dubai

The first pool water park on Kite Beach, is Dubai Aqua Parks Leisure. This waterpark has great Possibilities such as a massive pool and a variety of slides and equipment, so the kids can play an obstacle game with their peers.  It is also a very popular and famous destination for kids’ birthday celebrations. You can book this park for private events.

Time: Every day from 8:30 AM–6:30 PM

Address: 61 2 C Street—3—Umm Suqeim—Dubai—United Arab Emirates

5. Splash N Party

Splash N Party in Dubai

Another great Dubai water park is the Splash N Party, which is among the top water parks in Dubai and should be noted.
This water park is also ideal for children, but there are fun activities for adults, too. It is a safe place because the water heights are restricted to waist level. The rides of this wonderful park are designed for kids with shorter heights.
The Splash N Party is an excellent location for summer vacations and is well-known for its fun rides. You and your children are going to love this water park.

Time: every day from 9 AM–8 PM

Address: Al Safa 2, Street 8A, Villa no.1, Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

6. Aqua Fun Water Park

Aqua Fun Water Park in Dubai

The world’s largest inflatable water park is Aqua Fun Water Park in Dubai. The prime location of this park makes it convenient to reach. It guarantees great exercise and fun, too. You can experience sliding, climbing, swinging, and balancing.

Time: Every day from 9 AM–5:30 PM

Address: The Beach, opposite of—Jumeirah Beach Residence—Dubai—United Arab Emirates.

Questions about the water park

1. Are these water parks open year-round?

Yes, due to the mild temperature of the city, the majority of Dubai's water parks remain open all year round.

2.Are there height restrictions on certain rides?

Yes, for safety concerns, some rides may have height limits. Before going, make sure to review the park's rules.

3. Do these water parks offer food and beverage options?

Various meal options are available at all the water above parks, ranging from casual to gourmet cuisine.

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