Best things to do in Dubai for toddlers

Best things to do in Dubai for toddlers
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Apart from adults, even toddlers deserve to enjoy their stay in Dubai. Some people choose to leave their toddlers back home with their parents and then travel to Dubai, while the rest desire to take their toddlers with them and enjoy their trip to Dubai together.  We have good news for this group of people who take their toddlers with them.

There are plenty of things you can do in Dubai for toddlers. Dubai is heaven with a vast list of indoor activities for toddlers. In following we are going to introduce you the best stuff in Dubai for toddlers.  If you have any further queries, contact us, and our guides will highlight more about Dubai toddler activities.

8 Best stuff in Dubai for toddlers

Everyone desires to go on a family trip and create memories to cherish forever. Toddlers can even accompany you while you travel to Dubai. You can take your toddlers to Dubai and take them to activities and sites that are especially for them. There are plenty of things in Dubai you can do with your toddlers, for example dubai city tour bus, so read further carefully and plan your trip to Dubai.

1- Atlantis Water World

atlantis water park

This is the largest water park in Dubai, it has over 105 record-breaking slides, thrilling attractions, and experiences. From heart-pounding drops and high-speed twists to relaxing experiences like the lazy river and private beach access, Aqua venture offers something for everyone. It's a perfect destination for families and adrenaline seekers alike.

2- Dubai Miracle Garden

dubai miracle garden dubai

The second-best site you can visit with your toddler and capture beautiful pictures is the Dubai Miracle Garden. With more than 150 million different flowers, you will be amazed, and your toddler will love seeing them.

With your toddler, you can click pictures with this garden's unique flower sculpture patterns and even arches. The best about this garden is that it changes with every season. The garden is open six months a year, from November to mid-May. It is the best time to visit and see the blooming flowers.

The good news is that toddlers under 3 have free entries to this garden. To get more details about miracle garden dubai ticket price, check our site.

3- Aquarium and The Underwater Zoo

Aquarium and The Underwater Zoo

Toddlers love animals, and they get excited to see them. The aquarium and the underwater i's is the Best stuff in Dubai for toddlers. This place is located in the Dubai Mall and has 140 species of sea animals. You can take your toddler to the fish, fish tank, and underwater zoo.  Penguins, sharks, stingrays, and plenty of other fish are present to provide a captivating experience for big and small. This place welcomes all, and entry for toddlers below the age of 3 is free. Now, you can visit places in Dubai with your toddler easily. Make it a worthy family trip.


4- KidZania Dubai

KidZania Dubai

While you are in Dubai with your toddler, visiting KidZania and treating yourself and your kids to role-play their dream jobs, such as artist, Baker, firefighter, dentist, or pilot, is a good idea. This place is inside Dubai Mall and is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. during the week. The best part about KidZania is that your kids can even get paid for perfect role plays and hard work, which will encourage them. When we talk about best stuff in Dubai for toddlers, don't doubt kidzania is among them.

5- Legoland in Dubai

Legoland in Dubai

LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND water parks in Dubai are perfect sites for toddlers. Many toddlers dream of visiting LEGOLAND in Dubai. The site we are discussing has three sections geared mainly toward toddlers under two. Children love this site and forget about everything while in Legoland. Being one of the most popular amusement parks in Dubai for toddlers, LEGOLAND is designed in such a way as to welcome children of two years and above, and it is a unique site that appeals to all ages.  There are plenty of playgrounds in LEGOLAND with no height limit, so take your toddlers there and enjoy your trip to Dubai even more.

6- Legoland Water Park 

Legoland water park is among the best stuff in Dubai for toddlers. Although buying food and drinks is prohibited on this site, you can enjoy dining in the perfect restaurants nearby. You can carry your goods such as towels, water slip stops, or even water shoes.

You can rent a locker to store your belongings and enjoy the water with your toddler. The best part is that you can get Wi-Fi access with a good connection. Go ahead and plan your trip to this mesmerizing site and create memories with your toddler.

7- Bounce Away at Bounce

Bounce Away at Bounce

There is a trampoline park in Dubai, mainly for indoor activities for toddlers. Toddlers and children can be free and enjoy themselves while on this site. The trampoline park is considered to be a home of freestyle and games. This park has airbags and adventure challenges, adding to the toddlers' fun and joy. The site suits those wanting to bring their toddlers into a group. If you need more adernaline, dubai safari park is suitable for your family.

8- Leo and Luna's Playground

Leo and Luna's Playground in dubai

An excellent site for toddlers in Dubai, located in Dubai Mall, is the Leo and Luna. On this site, your children and toddlers will play and have a gala time. Leo and Luna are known to be the perfect site for indoor activities for toddlers, with enough activities to keep children engaged and entertained. There are trampolines, climbing walls, a magic sandbox, a foam pit, and a lot more that your children can enjoy playing with.  If you desire an indoor activity in Dubai for your little ones, these sites are the best. So save your time and take your children there.

Dubaiactvitiesoffers company recommends the best recreations for toddlers 

This country is highly child-friendly and has plenty of opportunities and Best stuff in Dubai for toddlers. Now, you can travel with your toddlers and never worry about keeping them back home. You can add more fun and happiness to your trip to Dubai while your family is complete with your toddler with you. Go to beaches, wildlife, parks, indoor activities, aquariums, and plenty of other sites with your toddler and make your trip to Dubai unforgettable. To get more information about dubai activities package, call us.

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