Best Malls In Dubai For Shopping

The Best Malls in dubai
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Dubai has plenty of malls, thanks to which they have formed to be the city’s cosmopolitan modernity as it is composed of a great mixture of traditional values that welcome all tourists to it, it’s great deals and things to buy plus it’s delicious eateries. The best malls in Dubai are suitable for shopping, clicking pictures, having plenty of happy times, and enjoying your trip while in Dubai. The top malls in Dubai are worth visiting, and even if you are not planning to shop from there, you should at least visit just to be amazed by its architecture and shops and see plenty of people from all over the world.  So, let us see the best shopping malls in Dubai that have grabbed the world’s attention. We hope you will visit Dubai and go to the best malls in Dubai and create an unforgettable memory.


4 + 5 Dubai famous shopping mall

We all visit Dubai and are amazed by its modern yet traditional architecture, beautiful sites, and breathtaking scenery. In the list of all these fantastic things that we do in Dubai, you need to visit the best malls in Dubai, which are less beautiful and eye-catching than the rest of the sites in Dubai. Dubai, also known as an ultra-modern city, welcomes all to its world-class malls where you can enjoy window shopping, shopping, or even just spending time.

Maybe you ask what is the biggest mall in dubai called? The biggest mall in Dubai is known as Dubai Mall, which is considered the second-largest mall in the world to date. In this mall, you can easily find more than 70 eye-catching signature stores that cover an area of around 440,000 square feet.

Apart from the attractive shops, the Dubai Mall has an Olympic-sized ice rink, which you can enjoy with your friends or family while in Dubai Mall. On the other hand, some may even look for the cheapest malls in Dubai and save some money. Read carefully till we elaborate more about the cheap malls in Dubai, followed by the best malls in Dubai in detail.

4 The cheapest mall in Dubai that is worth visiting

Some excellent malls in Dubai are considerably cheap, and everyone can enjoy shopping there. A list of malls in dubai that are cheap was provided:


1- The Outlet Village

The Outlet Village

You can find plenty of fantastic deals on branded products in Dubai. You can find brands such as Galleries Lafayette, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Rodeo Drive, Nike, and much more, as well as Outlet Village Mall. You will be surprised to see the branded bags with 50% discounts and outfits with low prices or huge discount tags. It is a mall worth going to. So save your money and visit Outlet Village.

Address: Dubai – United Arab Emirates


2- Retold 

Retold best shop in dubai

Another cheap mall in Dubai is the Retold. The founder of this great mall was Sian Rowlands, who encouraged everyone to purchase and utilize second-hand clothes instead of paying high rates for brand-new ones.

The owner of this mall has curated clothes from high street fashion designers and their labels as second-hand clothes in a mall, which is only a 3000 square foot boutique in AI Barsha Dubai.

Address: Warehouse 11, Red Crescent Compound – 6th St – Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


3- Garderobe

Garderobe dubai

In the list of cheap malls in Dubai, we have Garderobe, which you can find on Jumeirah Beach Road. These malls are perfect for those who need help paying high rates for clothes or think spending less for an outfit is logical.

Address: Villa 1224 – Al Wasl Rd – Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


4- Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart dubai

If you are looking for the cheapest things in Dubai, then this mall is what you are looking for. You can find clothes, footwear, accessories, and anything in this great mall. Whatever you find in this mall is imported from China, which is why the items in this mall are cheap. Chinese products are not harmful, so do not consider the low cost and lousy quality. Go ahead and shop from Dragon Mart in Dubai and return home with lots of souvenirs for your dear ones at home.

Address: Al Awir Road – International City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


5 Top Malls in Dubai and expensive one

Now that we read about the cheap malls in Dubai, it’s time to read about the best mall in Dubai. After the Dubai Mall, there are plenty of great malls in Dubai where you can enjoy shopping. Here are The best malls in dubai for shopping:


1- The Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates dubai

it’s among the dubai the best malls. In this mall, you can enjoy shopping from plenty of great boutique-style shops, Apple Store, and famous brands such as Harvey Nichols and Marks and Spencer. Apart from shops, you can find calm, luxurious cafés that serve the yummiest coffees, drinks, and the best desserts. The Mall of the Emirates offers visitors a cozy, elegant, sleek, and huge list of fun activities for big and small. If you have booked a hotel room in the city center, the mall is just 13 minutes away. To get more information about dubai city tour package, check our site.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


2- Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall is a well-known mall in Dubai that has indeed been added to the list of the best shopping malls in the city. Shopping is the main goal for visiting this mall, but you can find plenty to enjoy even if you decide not to buy anything. You can get an international experience in this mall and see tons of famous brands gathered in a single place. Go to Ibn Battuta mall for sure.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Jebel Ali Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


3- City Center Mirdif

City Center Mirdif dubai

City center Mirdif offers visitors an exceptional experience with its 430 plus great shops and services, such as coffee shops and entertainment options, that help make your visit to this mall a good one.

You can enjoy shopping in the anchor department stores, go indoor skydiving, and get a new and unforgettable experience in Dubai. No matter whether you visit with your friends or kids, there are activities for all age groups that keep all engaged and happy. It is all about making the mall an experience to a great new level, and to date, this mall has proven itself to be a great one.

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd – Mirdif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


4- Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall dubai

Dubai outlet mall is one of the famous malls of dubai. Are you looking for fantastic things with more incredible deals in Dubai? Then, the Dubai outlet mall is where you should be. The outlet offers visitors great overstock and allows you to bargain and buy anything you like at a pocket-friendly cost. You will find clothes, gadgets, tools, electronics, accessories, and perfumes here. It is a compact mall that has everything in it. The good news for all is that there are weekly sales on Mondays, and some stores provide 50% discounts on whatever they sell. You can buy things what you want in dubai future museum, so you can check museum of the future dubai tickets in our site.

Address: Route 66 – Al Ain – Dubai Rd – Madinat Hind 1 – Dubai Outlet Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


5- Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall

Last but not least, we have the Dubai Marina Mall on the list of the best shopping malls in Dubai. This unique mall offers visitors casual and formal places where you can spend a good time with your family and friends equally. Plenty of good deals exist on upscale brands, clothing, and even beauty services. You can add more flavor to your trip by visiting the yummy restaurants here and tasting their great dishes facing the waterfront. You can find 160 stores in this mall and apart for kids to play and have fun. Visit Marina Mall and shop, and have a great time in Dubai. Apart from great visiting sites, hotels, and restaurants, Dubai has excellent malls where one can enjoy and spend a great time.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


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We provided a list of famous shopping malls of Dubai. Visiting Dubai means visiting everything all at once. Grab the opportunity to visit Dubai malls and feel luxury, modernity, and an incredible feeling of an authentic shopping experience. If you have further questions regarding the malls and want to know more, contact us about dubai activities prices and our experts will help you further.

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