How to travel cheap to dubai?

travel to dubai cheap
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No one can deny the fact that Dubai is a heaven that you should visit at least once in your life. This is why there are plenty of other ways to have cheap travel to Dubai and be like the rest who can enjoy this great feeling at least once.Β  How do you desire to minimize your expenses while you are in Dubai?

Some may choose cheap flights, some may decide to avoid going to the malls for shopping, and some may even decide to travel inside Dubai via the Dubai buses instead of taking a cab, which will help cut down the excess cost. Let us read till the end to understand how one can travel to Dubai cheap and make a budget trip to Dubai this year. To get more information about dubai attractions tickets, call us.

7 Free Recreation That You Can Enjoy Doing in Dubai

Why choose costly options when you can take advantage of the free options available in Dubai to make your trip cheaper?

Dubai is not only about malls and expensive events; you can also enjoy free things.

1- Camel Race


While in Dubai, you can enjoy Emirati culture and be present in the camel race. You can enjoy this pleasure on Friday mornings. So make this opportunity an unforgettable one.

2- Walking around Souk Madinat

Walking around Souk Madinat

It’s a traditional Arab souq from the 21st century and built in a fancy Dubai style. There are fountains containing giant turtles and sea animals, and you get to see attractive views of the Burj Al-Arab.

The Souq Madinat is also a great place to hang out in the evenings with friends and families, as there is a wide range of bars and restaurants serving beverages.

3- Explore Palm Jumeirah

Explore Palm Jumeirah

A trip to the one-of-a-kind Palm Jumeirah is pretty cheap. You can drive, walk or take a monorail to the top to get fantastic views from above.


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4- Deira Gold Souq

Deira Gold Souq-

This is an idle place for gold lovers. While in Dubai, you can visit the site and enjoy shopping for cheap jewelry. Even if you are not a fan of gold jewelry, you will still find this place amazing to walk in.

If you ever visit this place by chance, you can click on a picture in front of the biggest ring in the world, which has gained attention thanks to dozens of tourists posting pictures with it.

5- Dubai Marina and its skyscrapers

Dubai Marina and its skyscrapers-

Dubai has fantastic skyscrapers, and the good thing is that they are free to see. The marina is around 8 km long, with fancy boats.

On each side of the marina, there is a mosque (just one has been built so far) which is also worth seeing.

6- The bottom of Burj Khalifa

Cheapest Ways to Travel to Dubai

This is one of the best cheap sightseen to visit in Dubai. At 823 meters, the Burj Khalifa is the highest building on Earth, and visiting it from the lowest floors is completely free.

Also, there is a fountain show which takes place every half hour from 6pm on, every day of the year.

7- Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque-

The Jumeirah Mosque is the only Mosque open to the public. In this place you can learn about the culture of Dubai. You can take a 75-minute tour. It’s also a chance to ask any questions about Emirati ways of life, cultures. To get more details about wild wadi water park tickets price call us.

Other Ways to have cheap travel to Dubai

Cheap Restaurants in Dubai

Cheap Restaurants in Dubai

Who said we all must imitate each other and try to be the same? If we cannot afford costly restaurants, that does not mean we cannot afford any. Some of the cheap restaurants in Dubai that you can enjoy having yummy meals in Dubai are:

  • Fish Hut
  • Mama's Esh
  • Ravi
  • Amritsar
  • Zaroob
  • IKEA
  • By Qtair

Before planning your trip to Dubai, you can even enquire about the museums of the future tickets or the famous Lotus cruise Dubai price.

You can also visit these worthy sites to save money on other expenses. You can do these activities while in Dubai on a low budget or if you desire to make your trip cheap.

Cheap Accommodations in Dubai

Cheap Accommodations in Dubai

To travel to Dubai cheaply and on a budget, you must know everything about it that you can do at a cheap rate. Getting back to accommodation, we can say that accommodation in Dubai can be costly if you don't know about the budget-friendly options.

Dubai has everything for all social groups to travel and enjoy. If you do not have enough money to stay in a luxury hotel, it does not mean you should not travel to Dubai.

Instead, you can choose cheap options, such as hotels and hostels. These pocket-friendly options will provide an acceptable level of service, allowing you to enjoy your stay in Dubai. You can also check our other products such as lotus mega yacht dinner cruise dubai.

Cheapest Trip to Dubai in Cheap Months

To make a cheap trip to Dubai, one should be able to find everything at a cheap rate. So knowing when to travel to Dubai will be the first thing you can do to help yourself travel to Dubai on a budget. Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world annually. High and low seasons affect the cost of tickets, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment sites.

If you want to travel cheaply to Dubai, visit during spring and summer. There are plenty of discounts as well, and some even provide free meals and services to attract more tourists.

Money-Saving Apps

Money-Saving Apps

The best way to work a Dubai trip budget is using money-saving apps. Download the several saving money apps that Dubai offers for restaurants, accommodations, and city attractions. Some well-known apps are :

  • Cabone
  • Zomato Gold
  • Voucher Skout
  • The Entertainer

Cheap Flights to Dubai

Cheap Flights to Dubai

The last important factor to remember when travelling cheaply to Dubai is finding a cheap flight ticket. This is an essential part of visiting Dubai, as everything starts from this point, and we keep it until the end. You can buy a non-stop flight or use a search engine or an airline office to provide cheap flight tickets. Either way, it will be good to make your trip planning faster and better.

The ticket rates are also affected by the high and low season factors. Knowing all these will make planning your trip to Dubai this year easier and start the year with an exciting feeling.

Now, you can travel to Dubai on a budget with the help of cheap travel to Dubai planning. So far, we have covered all the possible options and the cheapest way to travel to Dubai. Depending on your budget and preference, you can rent a cab or take the city bus around Dubai while you are there. Remember, it's all about creating unforgettable memories while you are in Dubai. So make the best of it.

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