What is illegal in Dubai for tourists 2024 ?

illegal things in Dubai for tourists
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Trafficking, drinking, dancing, insulting others, and wearing improper dress codes in public are among illegal things in Dubai for tourists, but these are just a few of the things not to do in Dubai.

Before planning your trip to Dubai, it is not a bad idea to look at the illegal things there, which will not cause you any trouble. At times, we tend to break the rules in Dubai without knowing what not to do, but at times, some people knowingly do so, and they face the consequences.

Remember, Dubai will not tolerate anyone breaking rules in dubai for travellers, whether you are a native or a traveler. What is illegal in Dubai is unlawful for all, respectively. If you do not desire to make your trip to Dubai bad and be deported from this wonderland, obey the rules.

So, let us highlight the illegal things in Dubai and standard laws in dubai for tourists, so that tourists can avoid getting into trouble alone in a foreign land.

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18 Things Not to Do in Dubai 

There is a list of dubai illegal things you should refrain from doing as a traveler.


1. Drinking is allowed in Dubai, and you will be served stiff drinks containing alcohol in restaurants and bars, but drinking in public is strictly prohibited. Drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in Dubai in public areas. 

2. Do not swear in public. it’s not good in Dubai.

3. Avoid foul language and cussing while you are in Dubai. It is an offense, and to date, many travelers have faced severe issues because of passing vulgar comments and using foul language in Dubai.

4. Insulting any religion is strictly prohibited, especially if you insult Islam in Dubai; you will be punished by law.

5. Using a VPN is not allowed in Dubai. It is against the rules of Dubai’s cybercrime. Users should not access restricted or blocked sites using a VPN. 


6. There are better places to get food or drinks than public transport.

7. In Dubai, checking someone’s phone when entering their privacy zone is illegal. If caught, you could be jailed for six months. 

8. Do not carry eatables such as pork while traveling to Dubai, as it is against the laws. 

9. Do not flush the toilet after 10 p.m. while you are in Dubai, as it is against the law. 

10. Wear proper dresses that are not too visible or eye-catching, and respect the culture of the people in Dubai. 

11. Carrying food items containing poppy seeds is not allowed in Dubai. So avoid taking them with you to avoid getting into further trouble.

12. Be careful not to be accused of rape or even be a victim of rape. You can be deported and even be jailed for this illegal act in Dubai. 

13. Do not promote charity on social media; you can get arrested and hailed in Dubai. It is illegal because you need special permission from the government to do so, and breaking the rules can cause trouble.

14. Do not Snap and share photos of road or aviation accidents

15. Eating or drinking on public transport is not legal in Dubai.

16. Using rude hand gesture is not legal in Dubai, specially in driving.

17. If you desire to greet people in Dubai, there is no issue, but make sure you do not use your left hand to greet people in Dubai. 

18. As a tourist, you only need to respect and adhere to local norms, especially in communication. For example, if you travel to Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, respect and do not eat or drink outside in public areas.

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Special rules for women and men

Prohibition of homosexuality

As a woman, you should consider wearing proper dresses while walking in Dubai. Swimming costumes are only allowed on the beach, and cross-dressing in Dubai is regarded as a violation of the rules, which can have severe consequences.

Men can wear shorts and walk outside in the city, malls, and restaurants, but not in holy and religious sites.


And finally, if you are homosexual, flaunting it in public will not be tolerated by the locals, and it is against the rules.

Drug testing is allowed in Dubai, which means that the authorities can perform drug tests, and if you are caught by chance, you will be arrested.


Breaking Laws in Terms of Visa

While you are in Dubai, you can extend your stay for about 60 days, and if you stay there more than the mentioned day, you will be deported from Dubai. Getting deported from Dubai can even lead to you being on a travel ban, which no one desires. If, by chance, you stay in Dubai for more than 180 days, then you will be banned for a year.

While you are in Dubai with a tourist visa, working there without a work permit is a violation of the rules in dubai, and you may face serious consequences if you do so.

As a tourist in Dubai, you should pay utmost attention and respect the local norms and customs.


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